ANDO Imagineering Group/AIG’s corporate website renewal project.
Design in architecture is classified into three fields: architectural design, structural design, and facility design. ANDO Imagineering Group/AIG is a design firm that primarily focuses on structural design. Our goal in creating the website was to communicate “structural design” and provide an experience around it.
terminal Inc. worked with TRICLE LLC. on the concept, corporate website and graphic design.

ANDO Imagineering Group/AIGのコーポレートサイトリニューアルプロジェクト。
ANDO Imagineering Group/AIGは、主に構造設計を主軸にした設計事務所です。
terminal Inc.では、TRICLE LLC.と協働し、コンセプトメイキング、コーポレートサイトやグラフィックデザインを担当しました。


- concept development
- web site design
- graphic design of business tools ant etc.
- shooting management

- コンセプト開発
- webサイトのデザイン
- ビジネスツール等のグラフィックデザイン
- 撮影マネジメント


A Website to Experience “Structure”
”Structure” is always hidden behind buildings.
The point of the website lies in how effective we present the “structure”, without beating around the bush, in an effort for users to experience “structure” as naturally as possible.
In a conversation with Mr. Ando, the representative of the company, he said, “When you hear the word ‘structure,’ it sounds complicated, but actually it is made up of a combination of the simpliest of shapes. The question is how to put them together, which may seem obvious. Architecture,
structure, music, and graphics are all the same.” Taking a hint from this conversation, we created a design using simple ◯△□, also the initials of the company name, expressed through quantitative physics to provide a clear sense of structure.

Additionally, the design allows for intuitive understanding of the concept by overlapping photographs of completed building with initial modelings and by displaying the graphics triggered by scroll. The design motif is a tribute to Swiss design, the 1950’s era structuralist Pier Luigi Nervi was active, for whom Mr. Ando voiced his respect. Hence our aimed for a highly universal design with functional beauty.



art director : yoshio nakada , terminal Inc.
designer:chihiro wakai / yuki shikaze , terminal Inc.
producer : yusuke omura , TRICLE.LLC
web developer : takuya nakajima
photographer : seiichi saito