bar hotel hakone kazan


Branding for dumpling restaurant opened in 2019 in Kanda. Due to the transposition of REAL BBQ INC. they were planning to rent the whole building and use ground floor and 2nd floor as a restaurant. The manager Mr.Igawa, and Mr.Fukuyama were friends from university and the project started when they came for advice before opening. terminal Inc. worked on creating entire world view such as, whole art direction, logo design, VI building, graphic, and sign.

箱根にオープンしたデザインホテル「bar hotel 箱根香山」のブランドデザイン。S.H.Holdings Co.,Ltd.が手掛けるリノベーションホテルで、同社の社員寮として利用されていた。barがあるホテルは珍しくないが、ホテルがあるbarというほどに、barが中心の宿泊施設。
terminal Inc.はコンペを経て、建築以外のすべて(コンセプトメイキング、ロゴ、VI、グラフィック、サイン、ウェブ、撮影ディレクション)を担当した。


- logo mark, VI system building
- character development
- all sorts of design : graphic, sign

- 環境リサーチ、競合分析を経てコンセプトの策定
- ブランドステートメントの開発
- ロゴマーク、VIシステムの構築
- 各種デザイン:グラフィック、サイン、web
- 撮影ディレクション


Designing the experience of “staying at the bar”. Check in time is 18:00, and check out time is 14:00. This is not a hotel. It’s a bar that you can stay over. We neatly planned and designed this “staying at bar” experience. Logo mark motif is senjo – waterfall that exists at foothills of the hotel, and is designed from 21 different lines which refers to the number of the rooms. It is expressing the various stories of customers who visit this hotel. Brand color is midnight blue and orange, image from the shades of night and the sun set. It expresses the gorgeous night time they spend at the hotel. For sign scheme, to symbolize the extraordinary time we designed using substraction and made the guide sign with least factor in minimal size to hide the reality. We chose 3 mateirals wood, leather, and brass and designed to show the atmosphere of Hakone Kazan from every single parts. For web site, to show the difference from the usual hotel, we made movie and contents that shows the whole experience in timeline. We made it to be the simulation for this unique stay over experience. — There weren’t large PR campaigns, and first of all it spread from reviews, then some media reported, and some magazines wrote articles, so it established the position as a brand new type of hotel. Please come and visit with someone special.




creative direction: yukiyo ohta, S.H.Holdings Co.,Ltd.
art direction: yoshio nakada, terminal Inc.
planning: kiyoshi ishii, terminal Inc.
design: chihiro wakai, terminal Inc.
project management: teppei iizuka, terminal Inc.
photography: junpei kato
web development: takuya nakajima