Branding for “UMINO hotel” a hotel in a resort area of Kanagawa prefecture. It is renovated hotel and nursing complex that was once Asahi beer company’s training center, and the place is located in front of Hayama marina. We were asigned from the connection of Bar hotel hakone kazan, and HOTEL & RESIDENCE ROPPONGI. terminal Inc. joined the project at early timing and worked on branding design (concept making, logo, VI, graphic, sign, web, shooting direction).

神奈川県のリゾート地葉山に建つ「うみのホテル」のブランディング。葉山マリーナの目の前の立地で、元アサヒビールの研修施設であった建物をリノベーションし、ホテルと介護施設の複合施設。bar hotel箱根香山や、HOTEL&RESIDENCE ROPPONGIのご縁から、再びお声がけいただいた。terminal Inc.では、計画の初期段階から参画し、ブランディングデザイン(コンセプトメイキング、ロゴ、VI、グラフィック、サイン、ウェブ、撮影ディレクション)を担当した。


- enviromental research, concept decision through competitor analysis
- brand statement making
- logo mark, VI system building
- all sorts of design : graphic, good, sign
- shooting direction

- 環境リサーチ、競合分析を経てコンセプトの策定
- ブランドステートメント開発
- ロゴマーク、VIシステムの構築
- 各種デザイン:グラフィック、グッズ、サイン
- 撮影ディレクション


Most of accomodation in Hayama is made for “staying inside hotel and relax” style. Mainly, the space for getting away from the city noize and enjoying the private time. Or airbnb. It is because visitors tend not to stay in Hayama and visit the surrounding area as well such as Shonan, Kamakura, and Yokohama. So we’ve decided to create the casual comfy, and relaxing community hotel that provides the experience of “staying in Hayama” which is something in middle of luxury hotel and airbnb. Community hotel is a place where hotel collages the local area and the visitors. It is not just a hotel but the hotel that exists to enjoy the area. Concept is “to sea to see”. We thought of why many people loves Hayama and came up with the idea of putting the value of visiting the sea of Hayama as a concept. Logo is the script of “umi” which is imitating the wave and the horizontal line. Key words for the design is “ocean / hayama” and “collage”. All the design is made of white and blue bycolor which is expressing the ocean and the horizantal line in front of the hotel. We imaged “collage” for the Interior, Sign, design, and layout. Also we are expressing the concept of collage by positively collaborating with local artists and photographers.

ロゴは、”umi”の筆記体を、ホテルの目前に広がる水平線と波に見立てた。デザインキーワードは、「海 / 葉山」「コラージュ」と設定。すべてのデザインは、目の前の海の水平線をイメージした水色と白のバイカラーで展開。インテリア、サイン、デザインレイアウトは、コラージュを意識したものとした。また、地元のアーティストやフォトグラファーとも積極的にコラボレーションし、ここでもコラージュの考え方を体現した。


creative director : yukiyo ota , S.H.Holdings Co.,Ltd.
art director : yoshio nakada , terminal Inc.
planner : kiyoshi ishii , terminal Inc.
designer : marie endo , yuki shikaze, terminal Inc.
producer : yasuko isochi , terminal Inc.
front-end engineer : takuya nakajima
photographer : yasuma miura , seiichi saito
copy writer : yukari nakao , Data Management Publishers, Inc.


last 9 photos taken by sawa tokine ( @sawa_tokine ) , thanks!