Branding design for the oral care brand “SWAG”.
“SWAG” was developed as a product specifically for bad breath. The product formula uses the maximum amount of super mint possible, giving it its unique refreshing flavor.
According to a customer survey, people are more concerned about their bad breath now than before COVID-19; and the “bad breath problem” has quickly emerged as a stressful issue when wearing a mask.
terminal Inc. worked with TRICLE LLC. in creating the brand worldview, from concept making and logo design to key visuals, package design, and e-commerce site production.

terminal Inc.では、TRICLE LLC.と協働し、コンセプトメイキング、ロゴデザイン、キーヴィジュアル、パッケージデザイン、EC site制作など、世界観作りを担当しました。


- concept development
- logo design
- key visual design
- web site design
- graphic design for in-store display
- shooting management

- コンセプト開発
- ロゴデザイン
- キーヴィジュアルデザイン
- webサイトのデザイン
- 店頭ツールのグラフィックデザイン
- 撮影マネジメント


Create a brand that stands out on the sales floor by triggering UGC on social media.
As a completely new brand, there was an immediate need to establish a solid worldview that users would want to incorporate into their daily lives. At the same time, because this brand offers a product for bad breath prevention, we wanted to create a refreshing feeling as the first impression.
The brand image was based on West Coast skaters in the 90’s because 1. the West Coast connects to a fresh and invigorating feeling, and 2. skaters just seem to be popular.
The logotype is based on the idea of “good breath”, so we used a soft wave shape, like a puff of breath.
The brand color is emerald green, like a summertime pool, to express freshness.
As a playful element, we designed a character standing like Baikinman, a bad breath representative, and a spray texture that feels breath-like and plays into street graffiti.
For the key visuals, our goal was to increase brand recognition while triggering UGC on social networking sites. We shot scenes based on the brand image, of an imaginary user holding the product with the sky as the background.
Because the main sales point is the e-commerce site, we used a lot of video to give users a concrete image of how to use the products, all while better presenting the brand worldview.
The packaging, store fixtures, and POP were designed to stand out on the sales floor so as to present itself as a block of the brand color.


ロゴマークはGood Breathをモチーフにした、息のようにふわっと湾曲したロゴタイプとした。



art director : yoshio nakada , terminal Inc.
designer : marie endo / yuki shikaze , terminal Inc.
producer : taku uegaki / tacchy , TRICLE.LLC
photographer : noriyuki edamatsu
stylist : yukina imafuku
hair & make up : tomomi taniguchi / yumi asakawa
web developer : Konel Inc.