Wacoal Date. 18AW-19SS


Branding design for ”Date” the non wired line of Wacoal. The project started by accepting the invitation from Kouki Watanabe the creative director of Tokyu agency / TOMO. Wacoal is the famous long established underwear maker that persuit the shape of women’s bodies for many years. Recently, the non wired bra market is growing and many apparel companies like UNIQLO entered the market and is becoming tight race. terminal Inc. took charge of art direction in every touch points such as key visual, all tools in store , and website. The main product “Synchro Bra” was made from user’s voice saying that normal non wired bras don’t fit when they stretch their arms nor when they twist their body. How do we introduce “synchronism Bra” to the world. How do we design the customer experience in the real shop. We co-worked with Mr.Watanabe’s team to answer these missions.

ワコールのノンワイヤーブランド”Date.”のブランディングデザイン。東急エージェンシー / TOMOのクリエイティブディレクター、渡辺コウキ氏からの誘いを受け、プロジェクトがスタートした。
terminal Inc.では、キービジュアル、店頭で使われる全ツール、WEBサイトなど、”Date.”の全てのタッチポイントにおいてアートディレクションを担当することになった。


- concept making, web page editing
- art direction
- key visual design
- product logo type development, brand color setting
- graphic design for in-store display
- shooting direction
- web site design

- 企画構成提案
- アートディレクション
- キーヴィジュアルデザイン
- プロダクトのロゴタイプ開発、ブランドカラーの設定
- 店頭ツールのグラフィックデザイン
- 撮影ディレクション
- webサイトのデザイン


Influencing the society by focusing on the “gap”. To maximise the value in a limited budget, we constructed the spread on SNS and exposure in mass media and web media using publicity. unthinkable “gap” to use commedian as a model. Using Nora Hirano because her style is to make fun of the generation “gap” between bubble economy. “gap” that she is beautiful even though she is a commedian. We constructed the communication using these various gaps as a hook and made the catch copy “enjoy generation gap but wear bras without gap”. Our mission was to shoot Nora Hirano beautiful as ever and make that image stay. Usual underwear advertisement is focusing on the beauty of silhouette, and we were feeling discomfort towards it. Women beauty doesn’t exist only on outside but in inside too. The woman who enjoys her life constructively is beautiful. To express the beauty from both outdside and inside, we invited Yuri Hanamori(?) as a photographer. We expected the completely new image of Nora by seeing through Ms.Hanamori’s filter. Considering Ms.Hanamori’s world view, we invited Aya Murakami as hairmake artist, and Akane Koizumi as stylist. It was perfect casting to achieve the goal. Nora Hirano wasn’t recognized as beauty since her makeup is exaggerating bubble economy style. Although it was obvious that she has a beautiful face. She is a commedian and not a model so we were feeling a bit anxious until the current day but it went perfect and all the perticipants gave a cheer.(She even perfectly shapned up her body by training ! ) And Nora herself mentioned about the picture “Surprised myself how good looking I am !” in her own sns account. Number of likes in SNS marked 200 thousand, and publicity’s advertising conversion costs marked 540 million yen. Estimated sales in this term went 166% against the plan and exceptional situation happened, the product went out of stock. Successfully the brand became a great part of Wacoal due to the hit product. Then lace type bra came out the following AW. When we got stuck, we hit on a plan to use the joke we’ve said at lunch time. So we constructed the communication using the phrase “Lace in Nice” as a hook. TV commercial were filmed in Nice France but graphic team had the schedule problem so we shoot in Tokyo and combined the view of Nice to match the world view. It also got into the news and did contribute to the sales.



creative director / planner : koki watanabe , Tokyu Agency TOMO
planner / copywriter : keisuke kamiya , Tokyu Agency TOMO
account planner : kaori machino , Tokyu Agency TOMO
account director : kazuya doi / mirai nakamura , Tokyu Agency

art director : yoshio nakada , terminal Inc.
designer : marie endo , terminal Inc.
producer : teppei iizuka , terminal Inc.

photographer : yuri hanamori
hair&make up : aya murakami
stylist : akane koizumi
retoucher : hiroshi morita , digi-capsule Inc.