The sign scheme for “Unico” a new born renovation institution in Kawasaki Kanagawa prefecture. The building was established in 1967 and Yoneyama inc. was using as their main office, factory, and dormitory. After a while, their group company used it as warehouse but they left due to the transposition. And after that the building was abandoned for 16 years until last year. At this time, they renovated the building as a part of 70th anniversary project. To tribute the land they grew, they wanted to change the building into an institution that vitalize the region. We coworked with the company that planed the renovation and took charge of the sign scheme.



- art direction
- Logo design

- アートディレクション
- ロゴデザイン


Sign scheme concept is “traffic sign”. “Unico” the complex creative base for various creators in Kawasaki. The building is 5 story in total and the ground floor is open cafe that is contiguous to the outside, 3・4th floor have share working space formed by several small offices. To embody the concept “harmony with the town” entrance part is designed to make the border line vague between the outside space and inside space. The frontage is widely opened and designed to be like the extension of the street. To match this spatial design, we set “traffic sign” as the sign concept and designed as the street space was drawn into the building. Floor sign was designed after road sign, and is functioned as guide of each rooms. We made wall sign that is cut out from the wood and piled up like a real traffic sign. We coworked with fab studio that moved in to the ground floor for this. Pict-gram and, typeface… we sticked through with the traffic sign for whole design.



creative director : osamu nishida , ondesign partners
art director : yoshio nakada , terminal Inc.
designer : chihiro wakai , terminal Inc.
architect : osamu nishida / shiori mori / sara ito / yukio osawa , ondesign partners