The Japan Dietetic Association / Eiyo no Hi 2021


Japan dietetic association is a professional association composed with nutritionist and registered dietitian. They have set Aug.4th as a “dietary day” in 2017 and is working on a campaign every year since then. We terminal.inc handled the “dietary day 2021”. This year the theme was “JAPAN NUTRITION”. We made the whole champaign, starting with project design, online promotion managing, and also producing all the creatives like special website, and even the broacher that they use in offline event.

公益社団法人 日本栄養士会は、管理栄養士・栄養士から構成される職能団体。2017年に8月4日を「栄養の日」を設定し、記念日として登録されています(一般社団法人 日本記念日協会)。terminalでは、5年目となる2021年の「栄養の日」を担当しました。この年のテーマは、JAPAN NUTRITION。このテーマを軸に、全体のクリエイティブ開発から、プロジェクト設計をはじめ、特設サイト、イベント現場で使用するパンフレット制作、オンラインプロモーションの企画から運用までを実施しました。


- total campaign design
- concept development
- promotion design
- broacher production
- interview article writing
- web site design

- 全体設計
- コンセプト開発
- プロモーション設計
- パンフレット制作
- webサイトのデザイン


As you can see that Japan has the high life expectancy, we are all well fed. But there are still nutrition problems like “overeat” “poor appetite” and “unbalanced diet”.
And the only way to solve these problems are to eat well balanced meals in childhood days. It’s obvious but difficult. And we approached to this problem with the concept “tidy up your nutrition”. We made cute squirrel character for smoother communication, since squirrel is an animal of tidiness. And used happy pop design to tell the information more lightly rather than academic.



creative director : kiyoshi ishii , terminal Inc.
planner : mizuki abe , terminal Inc.
art director : yoshio nakada , terminal Inc.
designer : marie endo / yuki shikaze , terminal Inc.
producer : teppei Iizuka , terminal Inc.
writer : mizuki abe , terminal Inc.
illustrator : yone
hair&make up: dotbind inc.